Better portals

Project GitHub:

This project was developed using Unreal Engine 4.23

I created this project due to the lack of documentation for doing this online, achieving recursive rendering was not easy to figure out. On top of that getting a physics-based character and world objects to pass seamlessly was also a challenge.

I was contacted by many different developers asking to use this project allot of them were disigners and didnt understand the C++ classes I had implemented. So I decided to compile the project into a plugin months later which I still work on time to time, my current challange in this project is tackling seeing non-connected portals through other portals and VR support.

Other than the main demo level I also went on to use the portals to create two non-Euclidean style rooms where you feel infinite and walk upstairs and become stuck in an infinite loop of stairs in either direction. A video can be seen here: