Little Awesome Dudes

This project was developed using Unreal Engine 4.21.2

You are given the starting items to create a simple tabletop with few pawns but using the gem mine as a place to gather currency you can begin to use the computer marketplace to buy more complex resources for the board like harder dungeons, faster gem mines, farms and much more.

Some of the features I worked on:

  • Player controller for virtual reality.
  • Player’s hands functionality.
  • Many different interactables.

The premise is to build a tabletop world by adding a removing blocks from the table (These can be bough and delivered via interaction with the computer). You can then buy different levels of mines and other resource gathering buildings to expand you village. Some of this takes time especially the deliveries or racking up enough gems to buy more peices for the tabletop. This is where the interactions around the room come in handy, you can do anything from playing darts to killing aliens on the invaders arcade machine.

For more information on what I worked on in detail visit my blog to see a more in-depth explanation: