A Canalside Studios project made while on my one-year placement there.

The game is a tabletop simulator in virtual reality where your in a basement with various interactable’s used to pass the time while you wait for deliveries to build your tabletop world.

A Final Year Team Project by Team Sphagetto.

The game it-self is a western battle royal with physics ragdolls as players that are controlled through forces applied to the body itself. 

This adds together for some really ridiculous gameplay and unexpected mechanics. Imagine Stick Fight meets 3D Battle royal Gang Beasts. 

A C++ DirectX11.1 Game Engine built through my time at University, It uses an OpenCV input class and a small seperate app project which uses the engine dll files to drive a car using web cam input and two shapes held in the hands.

NOTE: Good starting point for a 3D engine with object-orientated design principles.

An Unreal Engine 4 project that implements easy-to-use non-euclidean portals that allow recursion, player re-orientation. I recently made this into a plugin.

I continue to work on this and add features, currently, I am working on adding VR support.

NOTE: Useful for implementing non-euclidean environments like anti-chamber or Portal 2.

A VR project that contains anything that can be re-used across multiple virtual reality projects. The code comprised within this project can handle almost any virtual interaction.

The first version has more support than the second.

The second version is more aimed towards specific development with the Valve Index hardware and physics-specific interactions.

A VR project cut down from Little Awesome Dudes and reworked to be a movement template for virtual reality.

Modular VRMovement class that can be changed at runtime to support 6 different movement modes as well as featuring a much easier way of testing new virtual reality-based components with keyboard and mouse using the developer mode.