Project GitHub:

This project was created for my advanced computer games development module to show user interaction based around input from a camera or virtual reality, these inputs would then be used to drive in-game events.

As I am comfortable with Unreal Engine I did try to structure it in a way that you work with unreal c++ creating a simple math library, rotator, vector and transform class. I also included a game object and component system for creating objects within the world and attaching components to said objects.

I chose to start fresh with a different engine my EggEngine. Which is where I will be aiming to implement different features, the ones I am most interested in at the moment is multiple render support for Vulkan and OpenGL aswell as implemented third party physics librarys such as Bullit and maybe even Nvidia’s PhysX. I also like the idea of implementing VR support using the OpenVR API,

I created an OpenCV wrapper class called OpenCVInput which can be used to drive games mechanics. The demo of the engine in action using the OpenCV input wrapper class can be seen here: