VR Template

This project was developed using Unreal Engine 4.23.

I created this project for myself and others to make it much easier to understand how to structure a virtual reality-based system created using C++ and Unreal. The project includes many different features such as a working player, movement, and interactable system.

There is a  demo level showing examples of how each component/actor can be used as well as comments across all of my classes where I have tried to best describe why I have written the code in the way I have. The first template can be found here:


I went on to update the code to Unreal Engine 4.25 in my second version of the template along with improving some of the classes such as the hands specifically to be more physics-based. Also implementing full SteamVR Input functionality for squeezing and finger tracking using the Valve Index controllers. This version of the template can be found here:


I plan to continue changing and morphing the template 2.0 into something usable like a Unreal Plugin. Allot of the ways I carried out programming different areas of the template like snapping objects and event grabbing them would be much better as an actor component based system so that will be where I start.

Bellow there is a video where in the first half I have my first template and then in the second I developed two small game demo examples using the second template made for the valve index, one being an interactable go-kart another a weapon mini-game.