Wibble Wobble Wabble

This project was developed using Unreal Engine 4.23 for my final year team project.

The game is planned to be a ragdoll sandbox game with a western-style with destructible physics-based environments and players. Every player input is physics-based making unexpected game mechanics quite hilarious. 

The game modes planned up to now are battle royal, death run, and of course zombies. The battle royal is now developed but the networking still needs a lot of work as this is a physics-based game it will be a challenge.

Some of the features I worked on:

  • The ragdoll player system.
  • Functionality for the props in the environment.
  • The weapons.
  • Anything physics based.
  • Destructables.

I’ve built out my test level, it can be found here:


For more information, I will be doing a blog post about how the system I have created works.