Unreal Engine Developer

About Me

Hi, I’m Lewis. 

I’m currently working at Bulkhead as a Senior Gameplay Programmer.

I work well under preasure and in client facing development driven roles, also excell at project and team resourcing / management.

See my project page, it is a very out dated and full of old university code, not had the time around contracting and working to give my public portfolio the love it needs. Eventually I will get around to it 😀

Languages / API


A Recent Project

Better Portals Plugin

After being contected by a number of people about the better portals project I decided to revisit the project I made a year back, I decided to make it into a re-usable plugin for other people and projects. 

This plugin now has a character class derived from the UCharacter class. So in theory adding this to any project then re-targeting the parent of your current UCharacter to the UPortalCharacter class will make it compatable with portals.

Recent Blog Posts

Unreal Engine C++ My Programming Standards

The class organization is important for keeping both the header files and code files readable and future-proof. Naming conventions improve the clarity of code and will keep all of my future work maintainable. I also find it important to format my functions in a certain way, this is useful especially in the case of too many nested if-statements. It can make code hard to read and modify later down the line.


Working At Canalside Studios

At the end of my second year at The University of Huddersfield, I was given the choice to take a placement year before my final year to strengthen any skills before tackling final year projects. I was lucky to have gotten onto the placement in the universities indie game studio, Canalside Studios set to start in August of 2018. While here I learned about VR development and picked up a lot of art skills that help me on personal projects now. In this blog post, I write about my experience and the challenges that I had to overcome.